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Jameson Properties has been in the rental business since 1987 and has grown from there. We originally started with local residential duplexes and then migrated to condos on the beach. While we still have local managed real estate, our main focus is on our condos on the beach. Our experience has given us the edge on what are the best ways to rent and to have our vacationers experience the very best in relaxation and no worry about the little thingsā€¦ that's our job.

Our goal is to keep each rental property well maintained , updated, and thoroughly cleaned so that we would be happy staying there ourselves. In fact, we do stay there and are constantly improving our properties to meet the ever changing marketplace needs. We also stay at other properties to get an idea on what our competition is doing! The majority of the time we are very pleased to know what our competition is doing because we are usually doing much better in all areas. Any area that we are not, we change accordingly.

We have a local beach condo cleaning and maintenance crew always on call should the need arise. If there is a problem with the unit, we try to get it resolved as soon as possible. Local support, quick response!

Our goal is to have happy vacationers before, during, and after their stay at one of our properties. If we succeed in these areas, we usually get repeat vacationers each and every year. As you will see on our "Traveler Reviews" on each property, our vacationers are happy and that makes up happy too!

Jameson Properties | 9721 Turner Lane | Brentwood, TN 37027 | 615.406.3111

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